Why Us?

Since 2009, Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Broker Team have been committed to helping Borrowers to achieve their Real Estate Dreams and navigate the often “confusing” and “shifting” world of Real Estate Loans.

We are a Licensed CA Mortgage Brokerage that works with the Borrower/Principal and Institutional or Non-Bank Financial Institutions thru our proprietary “Lending Platform Technology ” to place and fund aggressively priced Residential and Commercial Real Estate Loans of all types, generally in California.

Families-Investors-Builders and Realtors all rely on our long term lending relationships, our RE Loan expertise, and our technology, to shop and deliver aggressively priced, less documentation RE Loan Solutions of all types.

Many of our loan products are generally not offered by local “Full-Service Banks” and are tailored to help Families and Investors grow wealth and solve solutions. We make Smart financing part of your real estate strategy!

Here are few programs my clients like:

*Aggressive Real Estate “less Hassle” Loan Solutions for the Self Employed Borrowers
* Good selection of Cash Out and Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loan Options: Full or Lite Doc!
*Ground Up Construction & Fix and Flip loans up to 95-100% of Const/Rehab
* Using LLC’s or Stock Sales Income to qualify for a Loan!
* Helping Investors navigate holdups on “outside” the box deals, often with Private Money.
* Using 12-24 mo Bank statements for Loans-Personal or Bus accounts! Less Hassle Doc Solutions!

Here is what my clients seem to like about my service:

*Working with established Institutional and “Non Bank” loan sources
*Security! Secure handling of personal documentation.
*Loan solutions! If we do not have a answer, I find it! If the loan is not a fit, I tell you!
*Being self employed and a Lender for 25+Yrs, I get the Financing “issues” business owners face!

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Member Ass. of Independent Mortgage Experts
NMLS # 347918 CADRE # 01146347