Real Estate Investor Low Doc Loan Solutions

Real Estate Investors, Builders and Families need a more realistic lending team, with fast and cost-effective Funding Solutions, that also offer high loan to value loans to accelerate their Real Estate Investments. Dan Cassel and The Trinity Mortgage Team understand and since 2009 have offered several RE Investment Loan products that the Local Banks typically… [Read More]

Debt Consolidation Loans or Cash Out using your Real Estate Collateral?

Often we are asked, what is debt consolidation? How do you “restructure” home and business finances? How do you begin if you want cash out too? In simple terms consolidating debt is the PRUDENT process of combining multiple debts from home loans, credit cards, high-interest loans, and other higher interest rate bills, typically into one… [Read More]

Highlights Of Our California Self Employed Borrower Loans

Since 2009 we have been committed to helping Self Employed Borrowers use alternative “Lite Documentation” loan solutions to achieve their Real Estate Ownership Dreams, as we navigate the often “confusing” and “shifting” world of Real Estate Loans. Investors, Builders, Families and Realtors rely on my Lending Teams expertise, and our “Lending Platform Technology” research system to deliver solid… [Read More]

Reasons why Today’s Real Estate Investors use Private and Non-Bank Loan Solutions to accelerate business


Since 2009, Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Loan team have been actively involved in arranging Fast, Reliable Real Estate Financing for Investors, Builders, Families and Realtors. We help to place and fund Loans of all types, with less hassle and documentation for most Borrowers. These are loan products that your “Full Service, Local Mortgage… [Read More]

Value-Add Multifamily Construction-Bridge-Rehab Loan Solution for 2019!

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Since 2009 Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Broker team have been committed to helping Borrowers achieve their Real Estate Dreams, as we navigate the often confusing world Real Estate Loans. Our Investor & Builder Loan Products, combined with our “Lending Platform Technology” offer Borrowers Real Estate Loan Solutions that are often not typically offered… [Read More]

Fix And Flip Loans

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Low Down Payment Fix and Flip Programs for Experienced Investors and Builders One of the most challenging aspects of Fixing and Flipping properties is acquiring the capital to begin a project. Often, Dan Cassel and the Lending Team at Trinity Mortgage solve that, with our low down programs for experienced Investors or Builders. With extensive… [Read More]


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