Bridge Loans

Thank you for visiting Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage team “Bridge Loans” page.

Since 2009, Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Broker team have been committed to helping our Borrowers to achieve their Real Estate Dreams, as we navigate the often confusing world of Real Estate Loans. We help leverage Borrower Real Estate Equity, with good communication, solid technology, expertise and the “Common Sense” to deliver a reliable Loan Solution to the table.

Our Investor and Builder “Lending Platform Technology” offers Bridge Loans and Fast Cash Real Estate Loan Solutions that are not typically offered by local “Full Service Banks” or “Large Mortgage Banks”. Most of our loan requests in this area are for less “obtrusive” underwriting, documentation and are more asset based. Some do not require true “Hard Money Loan” Rates and Points, however most loans are usually short term money of 1-2 years, and points are charged.

We are a Mortgage Brokerage that works with the Borrower and Institutional or Non-Bank Financial Institutions thru our proprietary “Lending Platform Technology” to Place and Fund Investment Real Estate Loans of all types in CA-CO-TX.

Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Loan Loan team think outside the “BANK”! We offer fast, cost effective Funding Solutions for Commercial and Residential Real Estate!

Here is one example of Multifamily Bridge loan products we can deliver:

*Non Bank-Multifamily Value Add Bridge Loans! Fast and Cost effective!
*5-50 units
*Up to 80% LTC, 75% of stabilized value
*Lender for Foreign nationals
*500 k – 10 mm
*5 plus units
*No Minimum DSCR products available
*Lite documentation-Solid solutions!
*Feel free to run scenarios by our Lending team-we can move quickly!! Varies with Borrower Liquidity, Net Worth, Prior Credit Limits, number of properties built, number of deals completed.

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