CA Residential Home Loan Assistant

Welcome to our Residential Home Loan Assistance page. Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Broker team since 2009 have delivered to our Borrowers “Less Hassle”, aggressively priced, FNMA, FHA, and VA Residential Real Estate Loans in California. We offer Purchase, Refinance and Cash Out Loan Fundings on both owner-occupied and non-owner occupied properties.

One way to begin our loan process is to use Dan Cassels exclusive Home Loan Assistant tool. It’s features are designed in a unique way to help our borrowers and Loan Team narrow down detailed Residential Loan options in California, based on individual needs! All with “Less Hassle”. It’s fun, it’s quick, and it’s easy! The more questions you answer – the more accurate your results! You’ll then receive the Real Estate Loan information you need instantly to research what to do next. At that time if you seek further loan details from Dan Cassel and his team to proceed, like pricing, loan to values, specific loan product details and documentation requirements, we are always a phone call or email away.

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We are often able to close many of our loan products in 21 days or less upon receipt of documentation. We are here to help!

To reach a Independent Mortgage Expert directly please phone 866-310-1112.