Commercial Real Estate Loan Assistant

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Welcome to the Commercial Real Estate Loan Assistant page. Since 2009, Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Broker Loan team have offered Investors, Builders, and Families a unique “Lending Platform Technology” that delivers Real Estate Loan Solutions that are not typically offered by local “Full-Service Banks”. We work with Borrowers/Principals and Institutional or Non-Bank Financial Institutions thru our proprietary “Lending Platform Technology” and networks to Place and Fund Aggressive Non-Owner Commercial and Investment Real Estate Loans of all types in CA and often the western US.

We offer all Borrowers the use of our FREE, interactive Commercial Loan Assistant system, that has been designed to assist in your individual Commercial Loan search and request. (See below) It’s quick, it’s easy to use, and the more questions you answer – the more accurate your results. You’ll then receive the Commercial Loan information you need instantly without any hassle! This information will allow you to orderly present your loan needs if you choose to learn more, in a quick and methodical process for your family and our loan teams to review. If you then seek to proceed our lending team has clear details to help you get the correct loan for your needs. We generally make things less hassle!

We have also benefited from long term “Real Estate Lender” relationships and use “Niche” loan products that take time and understanding. These factors have allowed us, over time, to handle a full range of Investor-Builder and Family Loan products and tailor our product lines more to self employed borrowers and the loan challenges they face.  We deliver aggressive pricing on all products, generally require less documentation and deliver faster funding loan solutions to our Borrowers than most sources. ( Since Dan has been self Employed for close to 30 years-he gets it!)

To reach an Independent Mortgage Expert directly at any time, please phone 866-310-1112.

Or you may complete our secure and confidential Loan Assistant page below: