Debt Consolidation

cash-cent-child-1246954Let’s get it out in the open! Many of our Borrowers are Business Owners, Self Employed Borrowers, Families and Investors who do NOT want to struggle with the typical “Local Bank” loan paperwork requirements. (which often clearly lead to a Loan denial). They need specific solutions, action, and usually less Loan Documentation. They may have tax extensions, One time Stock sales, Foreign Income. Many carry forward losses and other factors that limit the income banks may allow from tax returns.

They need a lending team that understands the challenges a self employed and active business owner borrower faces to obtain a solid Purchase or Refinance Mortgage Loan. They need to also deliver solid Debt Consolidation & Debt Restructure Loan Solutions.

That is where we come in! Many of our Teams Real Estate Loan Products are designed to offer financing solutions the “typical” Local Bank does not offer!

Our process is easy, secure and Quick:

A. Take a few minutes, gather your current Mortgage loan statements and consumer debt details.
B. Review your current debt. All of it! What is your goal? Timeline?
C. Do not continue to use cards where possible during application.
D. Do not take on new debt during the process.
E. Try to get a free Credit report with credit score, as a guide for us.
Then Dial 866-310-1112 and speak to one of our Independent Mortgage Expert directly. OR simply complete the Form below and one of our team will respond immediately. We value the Opportunity!

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