Debt Consolidation

Many Families and Business Owners today are contacting Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Loan team to take advantage of close to 17 month low interest rates  and our “Less Hassle” Loan Solutions.  These Real Estate Loan Solutions make smart financing part of our clients Real Estate Strategy.  Additionally, many of our Real Estate Loan Products offer financing solutions the “typical” Local Bank does not offer. These loans help Self Employed Borrowers, Families and Investors who seek proper proper financing to not struggle with paperwork that will clearly decline their loan. Our process is easy:

A. Take a few minutes and gather your current loan statements and details.

B. Review your current debt.  What is your goal?

C. Do not continue to use cards where possible during application.

D. Do not take on new debt during the process.

E. Try to get a free Credit report with credit score, as a guide.

You can phone our team direct at 866-310-1112 to learn more at any time or complete our “Debt Consolidation Assistant” information here for a secure and fast response. We move FAST!