Fix and Flip Loans

Fix and Flip loans and projects are popular real estate investments that can be very lucrative. These investments involve acquiring a property, making repairs and renovations to the property to increase value, and reselling the property for profit or Holding. Fix and Flip investments often cannot be financed through conventional loan options making fix and flip loans an attractive option. Dan Cassel is a Independent Loan Expert and provider of Fix and Flip Loan Products for Temecula, Riverside, Stockton, San Luis Obispo and the whole state of California. For more information on Fix and Flip loans and how to qualify call us at 866-310-1112, or fill out a free quick quote request.

Fast and Effective Funding Solutions for Fix and Flip Loans

Dan Cassel and his Trinity Mortgage team specialize in Placing and Funding Investor and Builder Loan Solutions that the local “Full Service Big Banks” just typically cannot deliver. One sample are many of Dan’s loans products have no Debt Service Coverage Ratios (DSCR). Dan and Trinity Mortgage provide Real Estate Investors with fast and cost-effective fix and flip loan solutions for their Real Estate Investment needs. Think “Common Sense”!

Most of our Fix and Flip loans  are for short term money of 1-4 years or “Bridge” type money. We are a Licensed Mortgage Brokerage that work with the Borrower and Institutional or Non-Bank Financial Institutions thru our proprietary “Lending Platform technology” to Place and Fund Aggressively Priced Investment Real Estate Loans of all types in CA-CO-TX-FL.

Low Down Programs for Experienced Investors and Builders

One of the most challenging aspects of Fixing and Flipping properties is acquiring the capital to begin a project. Often, we solve that with our low down programs for experienced Investors or Builders. With extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the Fix and Flip industry, we are able to provide competitive and less hassle financing solutions for even the most complex Fix and Flip loans projects due to our long term lending networks, many with Funding up to 90% of purchase price and up to 95-100 % of Rehab. 

We understand that fix and flip investors are often working on many different projects at once and therefore require continuous access to capital. Things change and move fast! By taking a “partnership” approach with our borrowers, and clearly understanding your needs, we are able to close loans quickly and efficiently while providing funding for the many projects and investments in your pipeline. This allows Dan and his team to deliver premiere Fix-Flip loans across the West. There are many different products out there and challenges, like buying your brother out! We have solutions for most issues and the technology and expertise to solve the issue.. Download PDF

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Dan Cassel is a “Independent Mortgage Expert” and with his Trinity Loan Team has Reliable Solutions for Fix and Flip Loans in Temecula, Riverside, Stockton, San Luis Obispo and the whole state of California. For more information on Fix and Flip loans and how to qualify call us at 866-310-1112, or if you seek to just start a new Real Estate Loan Application simply click here.


Fix and Flip Loans

Fix & Flip Loans 

- Take cash out of an existing portfolio to buy more properties, or
– Refinance or consolidate multiple rental loans
Varies with Borrower Liquidity, Net Worth, Prior Credit Limits, number of properties built, number of deals completed.
- Multi-family 5-20 units: $30,000 per unit
– Other property types: $50,000 per unit
- 5 years or 10 years with balloon due at end of term
– Option to amortize up to 30 years, with interest-only option available
- 75% LTV for a fully amortized loan
 Generally, we use the lesser of LTV or LTC calculation
 Fix and Flip FINANCING
 Funding up to 90% of Purchase price and 95% of rehab budget, max 75% LTV  *Recourse and Non Recourse options available
 Non-Owner Occupied: Single family residences, 2-4 family units, Condos, Townhomes, and Multi-family properties up to 20 units