Private Money Loans

Welcome to Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Broker Loan Teams “Private Money” page. Since 2009, we have delivered several aggressively priced, custom, Private Money and Bridge Loan products thru our “Lender Platform Technology” Loan systems.  This technology helps to place and fund Real Estate loans of all types, with less hassle and documentation for most Borrowers. These are loan products that your “Full Service, Local Mortgage Banks” typically just do not offer.

Real Estate Investors, Builders and Families need fast and cost-effective Private Money or Bridge Loan Funding Solutions to improve their game in today’s fast paced markets. Being self employed for over 26  years, Dan and his loan team have also discovered Real Estate and Business Loan “tools” and products that give our borrowers more qualifying loan options, some with higher loan to values (LTV). Many of these loan products mathematically accelerate Real Estate Investment cash flow. We focus to make smart financing part of our clients Real Estate strategy. See below!

What is a Hard or Private Money Loan?

A Hard Money loan or Private Money Loan offers a certain type of financing in which funds are received by the borrower based on the value of a specific parcel of real estate. The Hard Money Loans are typically issued with a higher interest rate, higher than conventional commercial or residential property loans. They are almost never issued by a commercial bank or other deposit institutions.

Are Private Money loans more expensive?

Hard Money loans are generally more expensive and banks do not offer this type of Asset Based Lending. So this money is very dynamic because these loans are not based on traditional credit guidelines, which protect those very same banks that do not offer Hard Money. Hard Money loans are property driven and generally have a much quicker turn around. The money can come and go. Generally the Loan Points/Fees average 2-4% and there are typically deposits paid after the Letter of Interest phase to cover items like Appraisal-Appraisal Review-Legal research-travel costs and to in some cases to review the Asset. We have negotiated deals with several groups that allow us to offer solutions and aggressive pricing and we focus on deliverable LOIs and less hassle, fast Fundings!

Accepted Assets:

Residential & Commercial Properties 

*Lien Position: 1st & 2nd Trust Deeds

*Who We Lend To: Individuals, Entities, Trusts, Foreign Nationals

*Location: California Only

*Occupancy: Owner-Occupied & Non-Owner Occupied

*Purpose: Business / Commercial Use/

* Term of Loan: Short Term exit of loan in 1-2 years

*Property Types: Residential 1-4, Multi-family 5+, Commercial

*Loan Amounts: $250,000 – $1,500,000 is our loan sweet spot

Funding Timelines: 7-10 Business Days after loan conditions are met is typical

Sample USES: Incomplete projects, Partner Buyouts, Cash out, Bridge options, Blanket loan portfolios, Business funds

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