Since 2009, Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Broker team have been committed to helping our Borrowers achieve their Real Estate Dreams, as we navigate the often confusing world of Real Estate Loans.
Our team delivers  "Less Down and Less Hassle" Real Estate loan products on both Residential and Commercial properties to Families-Investors-Builders and Realtors in California, typically from long time Capital Sources.
We use a proprietary “Lending Platform Technology” to place and fund Primary or Investment property Real Estate Loan Products of all types, especially for Business Owners or the Self Employed.
This ability and our expertise provides Borrowers with Real Estate Loan Options and Solutions that are "rarely" offered by typical "Local Full Service Banks”.

 Here are a few Loan product samples:

  • Self Employed Real Estate Loans. We offer reliable versatile lending solutions of all types and documentation. We often do what others cannot. We offer RE loans with just 12 or 24 Month banks statements, Business OR Personal, or 1 year tax returns. Business owner fast cash! Owner or Non Owner occupied Real Estate.
  • We offer a popular "Low Payment" Residential loan product that is a 10-year Interest-Only period at the start of a 40-year term. This gives payment relief while locking in today’s low rates for entire 40 year term, eliminating uncertainty when adjusting from Interest-Only (IO) to P&I payment!
  • We offer a full line of  Non Qualified (Non-QM) Residential Mortgage Loans, and other Portfolio, FNMA and VA products in California only. We offer Investment RE loans across the US.
  • Private Money Solutions! Less paperwork-Fast-Equity based
  • Institutional or Direct Private Money. Bridge-Cross options
  • "Fast Business Cash" Secured or unsecured for Business.
  • Experienced Builder and Investor loan solutions with higher LTV's, and "less hassle" Documentation. Cash Out!!
  • Excellent selection of Portfolio Rental/Investment home loans...Many with no DSCR requirements! 1-50 units!
  • Ground Up Construction and Fix and Flip loans to 95% of Construction Budget or Rehab Budget. Broken projects? Call!
  • Construction Lines of Credit (LOC) up to 10 million for Experienced Builders and Investors! Time to build? Try this!
  • Non Bank-Multifamily Value Add Bridge Loans! Improve your game! Fast and Cost effective! 5-50 units Up to 80% LTC, 75% of stabilized value.
  • We offer Builder Loan Solutions across the board!

Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Loan Team can be reached at 866-310-1112. Or you may complete the  "Lets Talk" form on this page, and we will review your loan details and connect! 


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