Loan Process

Since 2009, Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Broker team have been committed to helping our Borrowers achieve their Real Estate Dreams, as we navigate the often confusing world of Real Estate Loans. We deliver “Less Down and Less Hassle” Loan Fundings on both Residential and Commercial Real Estate. We offer Loans to both Families-Investors-Builders, and Realtors in California and Commercial Loans throughout the US, typically from long time Capital Sources, both Institutional and “Non Bank”.

Our Secure and Confidential Loan process typically works like this

*Borrowers/Entity applies for a new Mortgage Loan Online, Residential or Commercial and begin by completing our secure “loan assistant” 3 minute Application Here.

(Or borrowers can visit our homepage and click the “Start Application” button at top of the home page. We are here to help).

*Borrower and the Trinity Mortgage Lending Team then connect and review the New Loan Request(s) and Loan details via a simple 15 min Free Consultation.

*Often further research is needed and follow up communication is needed. Dan Cassel and Trinity Mortgage get this!

*Borrower says Ok and GO! Borrower re-confirms time-lines and loan details. We have no up front fees.

*Borrower works with Dan and the Trinity Lending Team to gather all Loan documents.

*Appraisals, Credit Reports etc. fees are not paid to Trinity Mortgage but to the Lender when they request it and only if our Borrowers are happy with the loan terms.


At Trinity Mortgage, Dan and his lending team organize and review all the loan documentation and enter it into secure systems. We are always on the “lookout” for issues. Generally, we will typically all have additional requests the more we learn. Once ALL items are received, the file is processed and set up for the chosen Lender’s Secure Underwriting/Due Diligence systems. You will then a short time later receive legal disclosures, terms, and other communications to meet lending regulations about time lines. Often our borrowers will have us move to lock their loan(s) about this time as needed.. At that point, our borrower’s needs, timelines, documentation are re-confirmed and we accelerate to underwriting. No one likes surprises! Mortgage loans take time to close and we have the experience and systems to ensure a efficient loan transaction occurs.

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Other details:

Loan Charges

Our Residential Loan experience allows us to provide many “No Point” California Residential Home Loans if that is the best loan solution for the Borrower.  As the loan amount gets larger, it may make more sense mathematically to pay the loan fees and take the lower rate.

Generally, our Investment Loans, Construction Loans, and Commercial loan products do charge “Points” and  these are often short term loans. First, we initially deliver a Letter of Interest (LOI) and upon acceptance and execution of the terms by the borrower, (and all details worked out satisfactory) a refundable Bank deposit will likely be requested and discussed as needed for Legal, Site visit, and/or third party details like appraisals or review of appraisal(s). These loans can be delivered efficiently in many different states in “Non Rural” areas to experienced borrowers.

All these “deposits” are applied to costs or refunded. There are no deposits needed until you say GO.

Due Diligence items

Typically, there will be a site inspection. We need a title report. Possibly Legal. All items to Underwrite.
We can consider a recent appraisal you have, however, generally most loan sources seek a current appraisal that fits their collateral needs.

Many Lenders decide who they will use or whose appraisals they will accept. They do not always accept recent appraisals from Borrowers. That varies.

Closing and Funding

Closing and Funding timelines are typically within 2-3 weeks of issuing terms, receiving all documents, appraisals ordered as needed, and agreements to proceed. Private Money can move even faster. It truly depends on the Loan Situations.  Residential Appraisals today often take 4-6 business days in today’s markets, once the home is reviewed. For a Rental Property, Construction or Commercial Appraisal those times can vary, based on the scope of work so maybe add a few more days at peak times. Some situations just require more time. Some less!

To learn more details and clarity, you may also phone us direct at 866-310-1112. If you seek to start a new Real Estate Loan Application simply click here.

Our team is here to deliver Loan Solutions of all types!