Top Reasons why Borrowers use a Mortgage Broker

On a local or statewide level, Independent Mortgage Brokers are the absolute best option for borrowers seeking to obtain a Real Estate Loan, and the Banking industry is clearly taking notice. Here is why!

Flexible & Competitive

Mortgage Brokers work for the borrower, not the bank. Independent mortgage brokers have the ability to truly harness today’s technology to shop for competitive loan solutions, rates and fees with multiple lenders in the wholesale channel. The wholesale channel has more efficient systems and therefore less built-in margins. We understand Residential, Commercial and Business Lending.

Service Oriented

As a Mortgage broker company we are the “lender’s” customer. The lender(s) competes for your business on every loan – providing top of the line service to make sure Mortgage Brokers are a repeat customer. From unique Loan products to Faster turnaround on files in underwriting and quicker closings for borrowers, we remain cutting edge!

Local & Independent

Local or Statewide Independent mortgage brokers are in full control of how they run their business. Because they are local and a part of the community, brokers are able to establish strong relationships with their clients and be a trusted partner in the home-buying experience.

Experienced at reliable closings and lender relationships

Mortgage Brokers are trained and experienced in the dynamics required to help all size of Real Estate Borrowers to obtain solid financing with reliable loan closings. For example Dan Cassel and Trinity Mortgage offer established State and Nationwide Banking relationships from years of experience as Licensed Independent Mortgage Experts. These are trusted US Lending Institutions and Private Mortgage bankers. Many of our business associates in our network are connections that have been developed over several business cycles.

To learn more please phone Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Loan team today!

Dan Direct 866-310-1112   Member of Association of Independent Mortgage Experts

NMLS # 347918 CADRE # 01146347


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