Construction and Rehab Loans for Developers and Investors



Construction and Rehab Loans for Developers and Investors building 1-5 Properties at a time, some with LOC!

Dan Cassel has offered Licensed Real Estate Financing since 1992 and his lending team at Trinity Mortgage are very involved in placing Investor and Builder Construction Loans of all types.

Dan offers many proven “Less Hassle” ground up Construction loans and Fix & Flip Loan products for experienced Builders or Investors up to 75% LTV and 95-100% of construction or Rehab budgets and often we use a LINE OF CREDIT, some up to 10 Million, that the local banks just cannot deliver. We can fix the rate for the next year as well!! We have Builder Solutions and are experienced in working on 1 deal or Portfolios of RE.

We place Construction loans on Apartments OR Residential homes in California, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado and can have you all synced up for your 2019 projects!!

We deliver a solid Construction Loan Advisory service and the expertise to deliver timely closings. Often these loans run from Land Acquisition thru to Ground Up Construction in Palmdale, Lancaster and Walnut Grove.

New Construction Loans


  •  Ground-up construction loans for developers and investors building 1-5 properties
  •   Lot financing can be included, if lots are in build-ready condition
  •  Programs may include a exposure line of credit for experienced large volume investors, or single loan option
  • INTEREST RATE 7.49% and up based on several factors MINIMUM PROPERTY VALUE: N/A

TERM 12 months (standard), with optional extensions


LLC, Individual, Limited Partnership, or Corporation


 Funding up to 95% of Rehab or Construction budget, up to 75% of land value




 N/A (We have options that offer no Debt Service Coverage Ratios and use liquid reserves!)


Non-Owner Occupied: Single Family Residences, 2-4 family units, Condos, Town Homes, and Multi-family properties up to 20 units

More Construction loan details:

  • *Generally a construction loan begins just prior to entitlement and can take a couple of weeks to round up the required documents and issue a clean approval. So get that documentation together!
  • *Construction and even Fix and Flip loans are often approved based on many details that may go deep, besides on the properties details you seek to develop. However the documentation varies based on products and expertise and we focus on less!
  • *Some of these Loan documentation details may include items like: your family or entities liquidity, your net worth, the number of projects executed recently, credit scores over 650. and a Bio or Resume showing your years in business and completed Projects.
  • *Builder and investor construction loan options and pricing for really experienced builders or less experienced builders building their first project can very greatly.
  • *We are also offering short-term Bridge financing for ALL Residential Real Estate Investors from 1-20 units, Apartments or Residential. Or Fix and Rent loan products to hold the real estate.
  • *Our process is simple and yet like many construction loans, they require considerable construction detail from the builder.
  • *Loan funds are advanced in stages, not all at closing like a home purchase of course
  • *Deed of trust secures future advances, up to stated maximum loan amount
  • *Construction loans are generally short-term or “interim” loans by nature
  • *12-18 month loans are common for most properties
  • *Construction loans are one type of open-end loan
  • *Loan funds are advanced in stages, not all at closing

For more information please complete the quick quote form on right or give us a call at 866-310-1112

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