Has your Real Estate Loan been “Turned Down” by your local Bank or Broker??

Has your Real Estate Loan been “Turned Down” by your local Bank or Broker??

Or did your loan details change? Maybe they just do not offer the Real Estate loan you really need because you are Self-Employed and cannot document via W 2 income?  Or they require more reserves and down than you have committed too? Or you just felt uncomfortable they did not understand your loan needs??

Since 2009, Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Loan team have been actively involved in offering and arranging Real Estate Financing for Investors, Builders, Families and Realtors.

WHY Dan Cassel and Trinity Mortgage.

Dan Cassel and the skilled Trinity Mortgage Broker Loan Team deliver custom reliable Real Estate Loan solutions for Investors, Builders and Families thru our “Lender Platform Technology” Loan systems that help to place and fund Loans of all types, with less hassle and documentation for most Borrowers. These are loan products that your “Full Service, Local Mortgage Banks” typically just do not offer.

*Real Estate Investors, Builders and Families need more realistic, fast and cost-effective Funding Solutions and high LTV loans, coupled with “expertise” to accelerate their Real Estate Investments. We understand this and offer Common Sense Investment and Builder Loan Solutions in CA-CO-TX ” to help that occur!

*Dan Cassel and Trinity Mortgage also provides Residential Loan Financing  of all types in California. We offer aggressively priced Real Estate Loan Solutions for Cash Out loans, Low Doc loans, Bank Statement loans and other Self Employed RE loan solutions, with a focus on Non QM Real Estate Loan products.

*We are often able to close these loans in 21 days or less once the documentation is received. We are here to help and offer a FREE Analysis!

To reach a Independent Mortgage Expert directly today, please phone 866-310-1112.

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