Reasons why Today’s Real Estate Investors use Private and Non-Bank Loan Solutions to accelerate business

Since 2009, Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Loan team have been actively involved in arranging Fast, Reliable Real Estate Financing for Investors, Builders, Families and Realtors.

We help to place and fund Loans of all types, with less hassle and documentation for most Borrowers. These are loan products that your “Full Service, Local Mortgage Banks” typically just do not offer.

Why do Real Estate Investors use both Institutional and Private Money Lenders to fund Business opportunities and often pay higher loan costs?

Speed can mean the difference in closing a deal or not, so RE Equity is used!

Often it is a needed solution to meet an immediate “Gap” or Bridge funding request, so the cost of money is higher for the risk.

These loans are often less expensive than taking on a Partner!

The investor is taking title in an entity such as a Trust, LLC or Non-Profit.

The Investor is self employed and maybe doesn’t have a long employment history

The Investor doesn’t want to be involved and a long qualification and Documentation process

The Investor feels Private money offers better short term solutions than family and friends.

The residential property is uninhabitable which prevents many banks from lending on.

The investor needs to pull equity from one property to invest in another.

This is one of many loan Solutions we can offer to accelerate your business and improve cash flow and consolidation.

To get started with our Quick Quote Form please visit this link.

To reach a Independent Mortgage Expert directly please phone 866-310-1112.

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