PORTFOLIO RENTAL LOANS- Less hassle-Rates are great!

With current equity positions possibly at their peak, now is a great time for Real Estate Investors to “improve their game” to retain wealth. Dan Cassel and Trinity Mortgage offer several Investment Loan products on single or multiple rental properties and other Investments, that the local “full service” Banks just simply cannot deliver. 

We can use lite documentation, bank statements and other methods such as asset based loans to help our borrowers, who are often Self-Employed or Investors. 

Here is one sample loan product that works with several Asset Types:  SFR, Condo, Town-home, 2-4 Unit & 5-50 unit apartments (Larger Apartments on exception basis)

*Max LTV generally 75%

*Interest Rates- 5.50%-6.75%

*Minimum DSCR 1.20 x (1.25 x for loans under $1 m) Ask about our No “Debt Servicing Coverage Ratio” Loans too!

*Term Options- 5 year, 7 year 10 year Balloons Yield Maintenance Up to last 6 months of term

*Amortization Options- 20, 25 & 30 year terms

*Interest Only? Yes, however it may affect the Loan to Value.

*Yes-Non-recourse Option?
*Yes- Foreign Nationals OK?
*Yes- Delaware SPE LLC?
*Yes- Required Expense Deposit?
*Yes – 2 months of Taxes, Insurance,
*Condo Types? Non-Warrantable & Condo Conversions likely OK

**We can Cross-Collateralize multi-family and single-family rental assets across all 50 states!!

Dan Cassel-Trinity Mortgage-Independent Mortgage Expert-direct 866-310-1112

Danc@dansrealestateloans.com pexels-photo-323780 luxary Condos

NMLS # 347918  CADRE # 01146347

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