Real Estate Investor Low Doc Loan Solutions

Real Estate Investment Loans

Real Estate Investors, Builders and Families need a more realistic lending team, with fast and cost-effective Funding Solutions, that also offer high loan to value loans to accelerate their Real Estate Investments.

Dan Cassel and The Trinity Mortgage Team understand and since 2009 have offered several RE Investment Loan products that the Local Banks typically do not offer.

Many of these loan products are incredibly flexible, common sense loans that requires no income, employment or reserve verification!! (Of course cash to close must be verified on all purchase transactions).

Here is just one product highlight:

In this loan solution the Investors have two options to Qualify:

A. Qualify based on the subject property cash flow with a DSCR of 1.150,

B. Go true “No Ratio”. No Income, No Employment, No Reserves either – (but you do verify cash to close on purchases)

Other Highlights:

*Typically Lend 80% LTV up to $1,000,000
*or 75% LTV up to $2,000,000
*3/1 ARM, 5/1 ARM-Interest only terms offered
*No limit to financed properties
*Title vesting in an LLC or corporation
*Credit scores down to 640
*2 years seasoning from foreclosure, short sale, BK and DIL!

Dan Cassel and the Trinity Mortgage Loan Team offer many easy methods of Real Estate Loan qualifications for today’s Real Estate Investors.

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